Ten billion years ago... a star died. 


In the wake of its death formed what would become the very fabric of life. 


For many lightyears this fabric would travel through the expanse until finally settling around the Sun. 


El Sol. Solis. 


For another five billion years the fabric would grow. Gathering mass and becoming more massive.


Circling the heat of the Sun until, finally, a spark.


Billions became millions. Millions became thousands. 


This spark began to change at an ever-increasing rate...


Complex. Sophisticated. 


Until finally, arriving in coherent time. 


Thousands become centuries. 


Tribes. Villages. Empires. 


Centuries become decades. 


Decades become years.







Born on the 9th of March 1995 C.E.


I, Roy Oro, am the head strategist at All Metal Everything (AME).


I was conceived at the height of the Grunge era. 


I came of age as the Internet did. 


Since adolescence I have taken a keen interest in music. 


An interest that has continued into adulthood. 


AME has taken my team and I all over North America.


Utilizing a varied skillset including; 


Writing, Event Coordination, Brand Strategy, Music Production, Networking


Among others yet demonstrated. 


I am excited to share with you my thoughts.


All the time and energy I've spent putting this all together.


Finally, as if by fate, you are here too.